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Service Solutions

Our locations in Russia: Kazan and Moscow

View of the Kremlin in Moscow

Founded in 2012, we are a dynamic and rapidly growing unit within the global network of Bosch Service Solutions companies. From our two offices in Moscow and Kazan, we act as a single point of contact for 25 locations around the world and provide services in 40 languages.

We are a strategic partner to our customer, aiming to achieve additional benefits for them. We develop, implement and provide our services in true Bosch quality and in compliance with any defined requirements.


Russian, English, Turkish, Ukrainian, Tatar, German


Technical support services and integrated projects for premium brands, omni-channel support


Focus on international companies represented in Russia.


Bosch Services Solutions lives by the values of its founder. As a result, we are a solid employer whose aim is to invest in the development of its employees. Additionally, we offer a wide range of attractive benefits.

Wide range of development possibilities.

Take advantage of our leadership programs to build a long-term career.

Flexible and mobile work.

Take advantage of our flexible worktime options.

Employee discounts.

Bosch employees profit from various discounts.

Job opportunities

Discover a great variety of job opportunities and find your place in one of our various focus areas listed below.

You are responsible for handling customer contacts at a premium level. Your job is to turn every customer interaction into an inspiring and unique experience. You will provide services for companies from different sectors - ranging from immediate help when luggage gets lost, through to life-saving emergency calls for car accidents.

You will deal with technical queries concerning technology and products. Your role is to understand the customers technical issue and provide recommendations on how to solve them. Your confident and friendly demeanor will give our customers confidence in our ability to resolve their issues efficiently.

You will manage and grow existing business as well as look after new business - ensuring efficiency in the delivery and adherence to KPIs as well as on-going monitoring of operational targets and quality indicators. You will be responsible for defining, implementing and managing business processes, working hand in hand with customers. Finally, you will be responsible for team and people management.

Your job is to ensure that our services earn the name Bosch. You will liaise with many departments — from sales to operations. You will maintain contacts with customers, advising them on quality issues and guaranteeing compliance with quality standards as well as conducting audits (internally and externally). Finally, you will analyze systems and processes in terms of their quality capability and evaluate the results in reports.

You will be responsible for the success of sales in our region. You will plan and co-ordinate the financial and commercial elements, ensuring we meet our targets. You will work in field sales and manage regional key accounts. Vital aspects will include acquiring new customers, negotiating commercial contracts, developing a profitable price policy, and subsequently co-ordinating the necessary logistics processes. Undertake market and competitor analysis; establishing relationships with stakeholders, media and customers, will also be central to this role.

You will be responsible for ensuring that we find and retain the right people, as well as for developing their personal and professional skills. Your work may be either operational or strategic in nature. For instance, you could be involved in dealing with organizational questions, drawing up contracts, or determining compensation. Alternatively, you might also work in organizational development and support change processes.

You are the interface between our IT infrastructure and business. Your duties will include designing IT solutions tailored to customers’ individual needs and preparing strategies for co-ordinating IT systems. You will work closely with controlling, finance, data protection and information security divisions, as well as with internal auditors You will also collaborate with sales to acquire and implement new projects. In addition to analyzing function and interface requirements for data and information processing, you will play an active role in operations management.

Your job will be to ensure the management team has all the necessary information needed to make informed business decisions. In management accounting, you will be involved in the monthly preparation of management accounts, including profit and loss, as well as balance sheet statements. In addition, you will compile the annual budget plan, and ensure forecasts are updated quarterly to reflect any changes in the business performance.

Working from home

Choose a comfortable and quiet place at home, and enjoy working at Bosch! We can stay in touch even when working remotely.

  • Our Technical Team will set up everything up: you will receive a convenient laptop and support whenever you need it. All you need for remote work is your professionalism and discipline.
  • An easy start and easy finish working day - wherever you live. You can hug your cat while talking to your colleagues.
  • If you want to spend time with your colleagues– join our exciting team events.

Job advertisements and contact with our HR team in Russia.

Take a closer look at our job advertisements at the different sites.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our colleagues in the HR department. We look forward to hearing from you.

Olga Bannikova
Tel: +78432274024

Rimma Sufiyarova
Tel.: +79872305299