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Bosch eCall service now available via international fleet app

Users of the eDriving Mentor app benefit from enhanced safety features

  • Collision detection and emergency call service provided by Bosch are integrated with the eDriving Mentor smartphone app.
  • The emergency call, eCall for short, allows fleet vehicle drivers to receive prompt assistance after a collision or in the event of an emergency.
  • Another advantage for fleet operators is simplified, digitized accident management.

Frankfurt am Main – “Working together for greater road safety” – this is the motto of the collaboration between Bosch Service Solutions, a provider of technologybased services, and the two US-based companies, Sfara, developers of appbased solutions for detecting accidents, and eDriving, a global provider of digital solutions for driver risk management. Applications for driver risk management help fleet operators to minimize traffic risks for their drivers and thus the risk of accidents. For example, eDriving’s Mentor app aims to improve the driving style with the help of eLearning and other capabilities. It is now being supplemented with the eCall services provided by Bosch. Thanks to the integration of these features, users of the Mentor app can receive help via their smartphone within seconds of a collision. This is made possible by collision detection software delivered by the partner Sfara.

International emergency service

“Every second counts in an accident. Our experienced service associates provide rapid assistance in the event of accidents or personal emergencies – in more than 50 countries and in more than 20 languages," says Stefan Gross, Head of Mobility Services at Bosch Service Solutions. Ed Dubens, CEO and founder of eDriving, adds: “The integration of Bosch’s eCall alarm and service functions benefits all companies worldwide that use the app now or plan using it in the future for their fleet drivers. The Mentor app not only helps them to prevent accidents in the first instance, but also requests the rescue services in the event of an accident."

Sfara technology enables emergency calls via smartphone

With around ten years of experience, Bosch is a pioneer in eCall service. In the event of an accident, the emergency call system is able to provide prompt assistance by contacting an emergency call point either automatically or at the push of a button. Until now, the emergency call service was primarily available for vehicles with the corresponding technology. With the integration of Sfara’s patented collision detection solution, the eCall service is now also available via smartphone, i.e. in older vehicles without embedded technology. Smartphone applications that incorporate Sfara’s technology can be used to detect vehicle collisions and personal emergencies within seconds using sensors. Then the smartphone app automatically sends an emergency notification to an international Bosch service location and transmits necessary information for prompt assistance.

The solution can also be used in case of personal emergencies outside of the vehicle. For instance, if a person suffers from acute cardiovascular problems, he or she can trigger an emergency call manually by tapping the smartphone three times. Then the smartphone app establishes a voice connection to a member of the emergency service support team who quickly identifies the issue and – if necessary – alerts medical emergency services. "We are pleased that fleet operators in Sales, Service and Delivery benefit from our solution and our sensory based collision detection support in saving lives", says Erik Goldman, CEO of Sfara.

Digital accident management for fleet operators

Integrating the Bosch eCall solution with the eDriving app offers many advantages to users. The integration enables the digitalization of the accident management processes. From the first emergency call notification to the coordination of towing service and vehicle repair, to the support for providing a replacement vehicle and claims settlement - steps that were usually processed using paper documents are now digital. With the accident management service from Bosch, these steps can now be completed with just a few smartphone app clicks. It speeds up the handling process enormously. When processing data, Bosch complies with applicable legal requirements.

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A person sits behind the steering wheel in a car with a smartphone visible on the center console.

Bosch eCall service now available via international fleet app

Users of the eDriving Mentor app benefit from enhanced safety features

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