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Bosch Stolen Vehicle Services: Supports driver when vehicle is stolen

A police car with flashing lights stops behind a white vehicle.

A service to ensure that your customers will never miss a thing.

When your car is stolen you want only one thing – to get your vehicle back as quickly as possible. Bosch has an effective solution in the form of Stolen Vehicle Services. We help your customers to locate and recover their stolen vehicle. As soon as the theft is reported to the police, our monitoring center collects all vehicle data and determines the precise vehicle position via GPS tracking. Bosch Stolen Vehicle Services works in close collaboration with local security personnel to ensure the prompt return of the vehicle.


Precise tracking of the vehicle via a global GPS network.


Direct exchange of data with local police forces.


We can arrange alternative transfer or a replacement vehicle as well as hotel accommodation if required.

Stay one step ahead of car thieves.

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Why Bosch is the right partner for you:

Integrator expertise

We have extensive expertise acquired over many decades as a leading player in the automotive sector.

Comprehensive platform

We offer a complete package of modular end-to-end solutions – from a single source.

Full integration

We cover the entire value chain – including hardware, software and personnel

Perfect service

We work in the background with OEM solutions, freeing up your resources to focus on your customers

We speak your language

We currently offer our services in over 40 countries and 20 languages