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Case Study: Stolen Vehicle Locator

Easy around-the-clock tracking of stolen vehicles

Customer's industry sector: Car manufacturer

Bosch Service: Stolen Vehicle Locator - from our portfolio Stolen Vehicle Services

Facts and figures

6 million connected vehicles in eight different markets

24/7 customer service 365 days a year in multiple languages

Response within seconds across international borders

The challenge

A German car manufacturer aims to offer its customers a convincing all-round vehicle service package, as well as ensuring the safety of passengers. Part of this package involves protecting the vehicle from theft using GPS tracking.

In case of confirmed theft, trained experts will assist the vehicle owner as effectively as possible. Reliable service availability and competent assistance, even in exceptional situations, should enhance brand image and strengthens trust in the manufacturer.

The car manufacturer distributes its vehicles worldwide, making the associated service a challenge to deliver in a unified manner across all markets After all, legal requirements vary from country to country and authorities such as national police forces operate to different standards.

In the event of theft, someone is needed who can provide competent support for overwhelmed vehicle owners. Someone familiar with the relevant procedures and who can respond quickly in the relevant language, even across international borders. After all, every second counts between reporting a theft and recovering a vehicle.

  • Infographic: A person standing in a parking lot with various vehicles.
    1. The driver notices that his vehicle is missing.
  • Infographic: A person standing in a parking lot with various vehicles. The right side of the graphic shows a police officer talking on the phone.
    2. The driver reports the theft to the police and is given a case number.
  • Infographic: The driver is talking on a smartphone. The right side of the graphic shows a member of the service center team talking on the phone.
    3. The customer calls his vehicle brand's dedicated phone number for thefts. The Bosch associate answers on behalf of the vehicle brand. The associate checks that the customer is eligible for the service and starts gathering the data relevant to the case.
  • Infographic: A member of the service center team sends information about the current location of the vehicle to the police officer.
    4. The Bosch associate contacts the police and receives confirmation that the vehicle has been reported as stolen. The associate monitors the vehicle's current GPS information and transmits its current location to the police.
  • Infographic: A police officer is standing in front of the stolen vehicle.
    5. Police secure the vehicle.
  • Infographic: The driver is standing in a parking lot with various vehicles.
    6. The driver is reunited with his vehicle

The solution

The company has chosen Bosch Service Solutions as its partner for the new Stolen Vehicle Locator Service, based on its many years of experience with successful cooperation in the field of automated eCall. In order to expand the usage of the GPS tracking hardware installed on the vehicle, Bosch has incorporated the "Stolen Vehicle Locator".

This service involves communication between the vehicle owner and customer service. More than 60 international experts now act on behalf of the manufacturer and provide around-the-clock assistance to the owner in the event of theft - always in compliance with the applicable data protection provisions and local laws.

The owner reports the missing vehicle to the police and then contacts the service team. Our experts check the theft report with the authorities and immediately access the latest GPS tracking of the vehicle after confirmation. Efficient processes and quick action increase the likelihood that the stolen vehicle will be recovered by the police.

"We have worked with the police authorities in many countries, utilizing our existing relationships developed for the eCall service, safely adapting the existing processes within a short period of time. This enabled us to establish the Stolen Vehicle Locator flexibly and quickly in an international context."
Michael Geaney, Product Manager Stolen Vehicle Services and Global Partner Manager

The outcome

The "Stolen Vehicle Locator" launched simultaneously in 2016 for three of the car manufacturer's brands, initially in Canada. We now serve eight markets in North and Central America and the Asia-Pacific region on behalf of our customer.

The great success of the "Stolen Vehicle Locator" lies in our experienced interaction with official bodies and efficient, cross-border processes: This reduces the time from when the vehicle is first reported missing to the transfer of vital data to the police Although the background project steps are complex, the platform itself remains flexible: The setup of the IT structure and the underlying processes are modular and can be adapted as needed.

Our service team enhances the image of the vehicle brands through competent, uncomplicated support and takes care of those involved - across borders and in different languages - in an emotionally difficult situation. Continuous availability and consistently high service quality with the "Stolen Vehicle Locator" engenders a great deal of trust in the car manufacturer.

Further tracking services from Bosch Service Solutions

As well as the "Stolen Vehicle Locator", Bosch Service Solutions offers a range of other tracking services. These include proactive stolen vehicle tracking, where automatic alarms are triggered in the event of any anomalies that suggest theft. With optional notification of the driver via mobile app. This makes it possible to locate vehicles even sooner after theft.

A car is seen driving along an empty highway, the shadow of a satellite is visible behind it.

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