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Bosch Vehicle Logistics Management Platform: Digitalization of the whole process chain

View of a transshipment point for vehicles

Vehicle logistics are a challenging business: many standard solutions for fright registration, commissioning and invoicing are not customized for the specifications of vehicle logistics leading to additional manual work and expensive customization on a company basis.

What we do

We provide a cloud based logistics platform for vehicles to connect logistics providers with OEMs and fleet operators. We map all processes of car transport between manufacturing and car dealer - from commissioning to billing. A customized solution made for the specific requirements of vehicle logistics allows to work independently from locations and offers full integration of disposition, invoicing and warehouse management.

From incident to settlement: digitalization of the whole process

Completion of production

  • Order taking via interface containing all necessary information (e.g. type of car, forwarding destination etc.)
  • Only few clicks necessary
  • Notification of OEM via email

Transport to distribution center

  • Allocation to trucks
  • Route planning
  • OEM receives status update

Warehouse Management

  • Recording of any receipts or dispatch via bar code scanner
  • Recording of additional services
  • Real-time information on stocked vehicles for OEM

Transport to car dealership

  • Transport is scheduled
  • Trucks receive paperless orders
  • Route planning
  • OEM receives status report

Settlement / Billing

  • Fully digitalized billing process

Truck drivers are connected via iOS cockpit app

  • Tracking of vehicles and order transmission
  • Availability of appendixes to the order (e.g. authorizations)
  • Status up-dates and intranet integration
  • Communication with dispositioning department
  • Registration of transport damages and individual form registration
  • Interface to navigation system and driver reference book
Tow truck driver reaches the scene of the accident

How the driver benefits from Bosch Vehicle Logistics Management Platform:

  • Optimization of logistic process
  • Full transparency based on end-to-end digitalization
  • Cost reduction

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