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Case study: Service design concept for a digital breakdown service

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Facts & figures

Reduction of waiting time by >75 %

Digitalisation of the entire service chain in 8 weeks

Background and challenges

An insurance company insures 15,000 Bosch fleet vehicles in Germany with an included breakdown service. Unfortunately, this previous breakdown service provides a suboptimal solution with a waiting time of up to 2 hours. To solve this issue the insurance company turns to Bosch Service Solutions due to its Service Design competence and experience in breakdown services.

Approach and solutions

Bosch Service Solutions creates a concept for a digital breakdown service, which integrates its digital partner network with the existing Bosch Mobility platform. In case of a breakdown, experienced mobility service experts deliver the service and take care for a fast realization.

Results and benefits

In only two month, we managed to digitalize the entire service chain and took over the breakdown service. The insurance company is now on par with the service times of leading automobile clubs, with a reduction of waiting time by over 75%.

As a result of its innovations in digital breakdown services Bosch Service Solutions has successfully secured new accounts with several automotive customers.

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