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Bosch Accident Management: Comprehensive post-collision care

A woman is standing on the street after an accident, the vehicle involved in the accident is standing next to the street.

Bad news: You’ve had an accident. Good news: Nobody is injured! However, besides the still present shock about what just happened, many questions come to the drivers mind. Amongst others “Do I need to contact my insurance?” or “I have a business meeting in 2 hours, how can I make it in time?”. Bosch Accident Management has answers to all these questions; also we provide fast and efficient help. In addition to the possibility to file the accident report digitally, the Bosch service experts support with towing, replacement mobility and 3rd party interaction such as with lawyers and insurance. The benefit for your drivers? No effort at all after an accident. A service we’ve all wished for!

What we do

We digitize the whole accident management process and combine various service elements into an integrated accident solution. According to customer requirements we can integrate eCall, Claim Management, Administrative Service, Roadside Assistance, Legal Service and additional individual service elements. We are the central point of contact for everyone involved.

After the accident

  • Which services am I eligible to?
  • Which forms are relevant and which deadlines do I have to meet?
  • How do I get an assessor and legal assistance?
  • Who will pay for everything and when?
  • Which repairs are required and how long will they take?

How you benefit from our service:

Improved customer journey and satisfaction

Coverage of the complete accident value chain

Integration of all involved parties (lawyer, assessor, insurance, automobile club)

Ability to define and integrate preferred partners (e.g. own workshops)

How the driver benefits from Bosch Accident Management:

  • Support in stressful situation, which the driver is not familiar with
  • Bosch takes over time consuming organizational tasks for the driver
  • Entire digital process from crash to claims settlement is executed more efficient

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Why Bosch is the right partner for you

Integrator expertise

We have extensive expertise acquired over many decades as a leading player in the automotive sector.

Comprehensive platform

We offer a complete package of modular end-to-end solutions – from a single source.

Full integration

We cover the entire value chain – including hardware, software and personnel

Perfect service

We work in the background with OEM solutions, freeing up your resources to focus on your customers

We speak your language

We currently offer our services in over 40 countries and 20 languages

Global network

Our services are coordinated worldwide thanks to local service centers and partners on site

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