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Child Presence Detection Intervention Service

Initiatives in the U.S. and Europe are pushing car manufacturers to install Child Presence Detection systems into their passenger vehicles from 2024 onwards. The goal is to protect children from suffering serious injuries in hot cars.

A baby sits in a car seat in a car and wearily rubs his eyes.

How does the Bosch Child Presence Detection Intervention Service work?

The installation of sensors is the first step. As a leading provider of emergency services, we have the relevant infrastructure and partners available to quickly roll-out the additionally required process globally. We will take over for our customers when a child needs to be rescued. This is a simplified overview of how a process set-up could look like:

Car manufacturer: Initial warning

  • Vehicle initiates visible and audible signals
  • Alert notification inside the vehicle

Car manufacturer: Escalation warning

  • Repeated visible and audible signals
  • Alert message on smartphone to registered driver

Bosch and intervention partner: Intervention

  • Bosch service expert contacts driver and/or other registered contacts
  • If not successful, Bosch service expert contacts Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP)
  • Intervention partner rescue team frees child out of the vehicle

Your advantages with Bosch Service Solutions as service partner

  • Existing eCall clients: Moderate investment only due to leverage of your existing eCall set-up
  • Leverage effects for new mobility clients: modular service set-up allows service expansion to e.g. eCall and Stolen Vehicle Services at moderate cost

  • Fast service roll-out based on established global IT infrastructure
  • Global network with direct contacts to public safety answering points (PSAPs)

  • Reliable and leading emergency service partner globally
  • Redundant service center set-up

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Bosch Child Presence Detection Intervention Service

No, it is not. The eCall allows a voice connection into the vehicle only. In contrast, the child presence detection process requires a communication line from a third party with adults outside of the vehicle which are capable to rescue the child.

Bosch Service Solutions is contacted for the intervention phase of the child presence detection process. After performing the first two stages with the vehicle and/or app only, in the third stage it is required to call a responsible contact person. They are either informed and guided back to the car to solve the situation or the rescue teams get involved to save the child.

As an established global safety and security service provider i.e. for eCall, we are very experienced with the required service processes and rely on an existing PSAP (Public Safety Answering Points) network for all required markets.

Our clients can fully rely on our vast experience as an emergency service provider and existing PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) network. We are a neutral service integrator and are experienced in implementing and running complex service set-ups and the integration of external partners. Additionally, we are up to date regarding the latest developments of the European NCAP protocol regarding child presence detection requirements as well as the Hot Cars Act.

We are a neutral service integrator independent from manufacturer or brand of the sensors built into the vehicle. If desired, we as Bosch group are also able to offer a holistic solution including the required sensors and technology.

The vehicle must be able to connect to a cellular network to send the alert to an OEM backend or directly to the Bosch backend. In most cases, vehicle connectivity is established via a telematics control unit (TCU).

The direct interaction with the child via a communication channel to the car is possible as an element of the Child Presence Detection Intervention Service. Our client decides individually, if this additional voice channel shall be established via Bosch. Required are calls to inform an adult and responsible contact person about the left behind child in the vehicle and to contact the rescue services if necessary.

It is possible to specify a logic in the order of potential contact persons. This sequence can be defined individually from the manufacturer or Bosch will make a most reasonable suggestion during the service design process.

The vehicle position is initially determined via the global navigation satellite system (GNSS) unit in the vehicle and then transmitted from the vehicle to Bosch via the Telematics Control Unit (TCU). Bosch is therefore reliant on the validity of the vehicle position. Bosch has no influence on the availability of a cellular network over which the vehicle can transmit the data.

The detection of a left behind dog or child is conducted by the OEM sensor within the vehicle. Therefore, Bosch is reliant on the sensor signal and more specifically on the corresponding alert (e.g., child detected, dog detected) which is transmitted to the Bosch backend. From a service perspective Bosch is capable to handle an incident with a left behind dog detected in the car.

It is important for the OEM to consider the legal requirements and potential financial impact for the rescue team intervention which can vary in each country. In case of the left behind dog use case this needs to be carefully examined in advance.

Bosch will inform the PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) about the incident and it is in the final responsibility of the legal authorities to decide which intervention teams will be sent to the location depending on each individual case.

Why Bosch is the right partner for you:

Comprehensive platform

We offer a complete package of modular end-to-end solutions – from a single source.

Global partner network

Our services are coordinated worldwide thanks to local service centers and regional partners to provide Child Presence Detection.

We speak your language

We currently offer our Mobility Services in over 50 countries and more than 20 languages.

Integrator expertise

We have extensive expertise acquired over many decades as a leading service provider in the automotive sector.

Full integration

We cover the entire value chain – including hardware, software and personnel.

Experienced safety provider

For more than 30 years we have been operating our own Monitoring Centers and handling emergency calls from lone workers, vehicles and elevators.

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