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Integration of crash detection and eCall into smartphone-based driver safety app, Mentor by eDriving

The solution for fleets: proven emergency call service now available independently of the vehicle

The driver of a delivery vehicle looks at her smartphone.

Customer's industry sector: Fleet Management, Telematic Service Provider

Bosch Service: eCall, Accident Management and Emergency Assistance

The challenge

Our client, eDriving, specializes in digital solutions for driver safety and risk management. Such applications help fleet operators around the globe to minimize the risk of traffic collisions involving their drivers. The goal of the Mentor app by eDriving is to improve personal driving behavior using eLearning, gamification and other features.

Despite these precautionary measures, traffic collisions or other emergencies can occur in everyday life. In some of these situations, every second counts. eDriving therefore wants to expand their award-winning driver safety app with additional safety functions. For example, drivers should receive the fastest possible support in case of emergencies. Users should also feel protected outside their vehicle by being able to request help at any time via the app.

eDriving wants a simple, transparent process that works completely independently from the vehicle type and the technology installed in the vehicle. One prerequisite is that this additional service must be globally available and can be integrated into all versions of the existing smartphone app Mentor.

Facts & figures

Global service support around the clock

Upgrade of the existing app and integration independent from the vehicle

Improved safety for drivers: inside and outside the vehicle

The solution

Our solution for eDriving is based on our proven Bosch eCall service. For over a decade, we have been providing rapid assistance with this 24/7 emergency call service in the event of an accident . This service is available in more than 50 countries, 20 languages, and includes a global network with direct contacts to public safety answering points (PSAPs).

Now it was necessary to make the eCall available, regardless of vehicle type, age or on-board technology. For this purpose, our partner Sfara came into play with its app-based automatic crash detection. Their patented solution can detect collisions within seconds using the sensors installed in the smartphone.

Using Sfara’s SDK (software development kit), crash detection system has been integrated into the existing eDriving app, Mentor. This technology made it possible to include our eCall in the app and therefore make it available on all common iOS and Android smartphones. As a result, fleet drivers who use the eDriving Mentor app will now benefit from even greater safety on the road.

Everyone who uses the Mentor app will benefit from the integrated eCall service. As before, our application helps to reduce collisions by as much as 67% – but now, should a crash occur, help can be requested automatically and reliably via the driver’s Android or iOS smartphone. Together with Bosch, we are creating peace of mind for both employees and contractors driving for work purposes and their employers.

Ed Dubens, Founder/CEO eDriving

Reliable collision detection in the app

The technology integrated into the Mentor app detects crashes regardless of the smartphone’s position in the vehicle. As a result, the driver can place the mobile phone where convenient and where he is used to having it.

The automatic detection runs completely in the background. The AI-supported crash detection filters out unwanted triggers in 99 out of 100 cases. The system can therefore distinguish between, for example, potholes on the road and real emergencies. Users can thus be sure the eCall is triggered only when really needed.

Automated emergency call to Bosch service experts

When the algorithm detects a crash, the app automatically transmits relevant collision data, as well as initial assessments of the severity of the collision to the Bosch service center for rapid assistance.

Specially trained service experts then place a call directly to the smartphone running the app to check the status of the driver and other occupants. Regardless of the country of the incident, the communication can take place in the respective native language of the person involved. For this purpose, a setting in the user profile of the app defines the language. In confirmed emergencies or in the absence of a response, the responsible PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) is contacted immediately to dispatch help to the location.

Improved safety inside and outside the vehicle

The user can also activate an emergency call manually at any time by simply pressing the SOS button in the app. This manual triggering can be used, for example, in the case of cardiovascular problems or other acute health issues, to initiate emergency response immediately with the help of our service experts.

In addition, within the eDriving app it is possible for drivers to set a "checkpoint timer". If the user does not stop this timer after a specified time, an emergency call is automatically made to the Bosch Service Center to check the situation. This feature gives delivery and service drivers a sense of security on routes through risky areas, as help can be dispatched if they don't reply by stopping the timer.

The result

Our client, eDriving, was able to register a growing number of app users within a short period of time.

Logo eDriving

By successfully combining the Bosch eCall with Sfara's smartphone-based crash detection, we were able to upgrade eDriving’s Mentor app in a user-friendly way. The reliable, complementary security features increase the usefulness of this application without the need for additional downloads or devices.

The enhanced app also makes everyday life easier for fleet operators: Thanks to the reliable set-up and the global eCall infrastructure, they know their drivers have access to emergency services around the clock.

The outlook

By integrating collision detection and eCall, we have created the technological basis to offer even more features to drivers and fleet management. A few examples should illustrate how eDriving, together with Bosch, would like to further improve the experience of its users:

Integrated breakdown service for continuous mobility: Direct access to our Roadside Assistance Service is also planned for assistance in the event of breakdowns or malfunctions in the vehicle. In these cases, the Bosch service team can then quickly organize the breakdown service. Since the processes are digitized in the background, we can always keep those affected up to date with status messages. This way they know exactly when the roadside assistance will arrive on site. The goal is to get drivers mobile again as quickly as possible.

Digital FNOL process and efficient accident management: With the automatic detection of crashes, we have created the opportunity of generating a proactive damage report “First Notification of Loss” (FNOL). The immediate digital notification of damage to the insurer is the starting point for accelerated claims management.

Our service team can seamlessly handle the claim and arrange towing services, coordinate workshops and process the settlement of claims. This one-stop service speeds up the process and reduces costs.

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